Friday, March 26, 2010

Wayand Trip... D's Log- Day 1

5:00 a.m- Got up, last minute packing. Walked to college. Outran a jogger.

6:15- Reached college. Found only two other people there. Waited for the rest. Announced I was hungry-was ignored. Demanded breakfast-was ignored again.

6:45- Some more people showed up. None of whom were my classmates who had promised to be there by 6:30. Called up my friends and yelled at them- was told G was playing Mafia Wars. Called up G, yelled some more. Regretted having skipped coffee at home.

7:00- Breakfast was brought.-was told it was for later. Grumbled aloud.

7:15- Everyone finally arrived. Vans drove up-was pleased we got the new van. Did a happy jig.

7:17- Bumped my head against the LCD tv when getting into the van- was told off by the bus driver. Regretted getting the new van.

7:20- Opened a pack of biscuits. 

7:21 - Finished the biscuits

8:30- Stopped for breakfast-was shocked that there wasn't any tea or coffee.

8:40- Realised there wasn't a loo around for miles.

8:41- Regretted being born a girl.

8:42- Got together a bunch of girls and set off on our "find a loo adventure."

9:00- Got back to the van safely.No one got bitten by a snake. Set off.
Played Dumb Charades. Creamed the opponent team in the first couple of rounds. Lost a round. Got bored of Dumb Charades. Lost track of time.

Reached the Kerala border. Got off the bus. Found a tea stall. Almost hugged the tea-stall guy in sheer joy. Downed three teas.

Got back into the van. Bent down real low so as to not hit the dumb tv again. Set off into Kerala. Marveled at Kerala roads. Marveled at Kerala scenery. Saw some elephants. Went "Mmmmmmmm Waaaaaaaw" like in the ad. Decided to make that the catchphrase of the trip! Drove some more. Got bored. Connected G's mp3 to the USB port on the van's system...yelled at G for his sudden crappy choice in songs.

Reached Eddakal Caves. Got off the bus mighty excited. Was told we had to climb up to Eddakal Caves.  Excitement level dropped down a couple of notches. Saw the hill we would have to climb. Excitement level dropped down to negative. Many motivational sing-alongs later, reached the top. Was told we weren't at the top yet. Almost burst into tears. Rested for a loooooooooong while.Recharged our batteries.

Started off again-was glad there were proper steps this time. Reached caves. Went "mmmmm waaaaaaw!!!!" 
Stared in amazement at the carving on the cave wall. Paid no attention to the guide. Started spinning my own interpretations of the carvings Narrated them out loud. Was glared at by the guides-ignored the guides. Realised we had to climb down again. Legs started to shiver. Climb back down was excruciatingly slow.

Got back onto the bus. Too tired to care about bending low. Realised the weird growling noise was coming from my stomach. Stopped for lunch. Regretted being born a Libran. Finally decided on the fried rice. The Parotas arrived first. Regretted ordering the rice. Gobbled down lunch at a speed uncharacteristic of me.

Set off again. Too content to bother where to. Got off near some dam.. Went "mmmmm waaaaw"-was pleased that it didn't take too long to catch on.  Checked out the dam. Asserted tht KRS was better-was told we had to walk some more. Wanted to scream. Rested our feet in the river-enjoyed the cool water-was told we had to leave-wanted to bite someone's head off.

Got into the bus-remebered to bend low. Laughed at the tall guy who hit his head. Reached the falls-remember it as Kanthaaa. Realised we had to walk to the falls. Tried to get someone to carry me-was forced to walk. Saw a rocky area we had to climb over. Almost suffered a break down reminiscent of the freak down at the trek. Got over it. Jumped up and down at having finally reached the falls.Went "Mmmmm waaaaaw" Got in with the rest. Swam around for an hour-found weird things in the water-4 handkerchiefs and a pen drive. Laughed at the poor sod who lost his pen drive. Realised my phone was in my pocket all this while. Shom realised his wallet had suffered the same fate as my phone. Got laughed at by everyone around. Water got too cold-got out. Walked back to the bus-was too worried about my phone to care about the walk. Shom tried drying off his money. Didn't work. Laughed at him-remembered my phone-shut up.

Drove to the hotel. Too tired to go "mmmmm waaaw". Dumped bags in room. Looked around for a decent place to eat. Found one. Ate. Worried about phone. Delivered phone to Drs.G and B for emergency treatment. Back to room. Showered. Worried about getting up at 6:00 a.m the next morning. Slept the sleep of the dead. Didn't even hear the boys having a pillow fight next door.


  1. being a wayanad local :') im reminded of my infant times

  2. There was a guide? O,o i didn't notice only ^_^
    You can write a whole different blog on the driver and his dear delicate darling van :D

    PS: I didn't like the tea after the kerala border >.<

  3. @G~ yess...those 2 guys glaring at us from the corner of the cave were the guides.... haha Ravi uncle and his wife the van...hahahaha "Don't stand up..u may hurt the ceiling it costs 45,000 rupees" :p

    The state i was in...any tea would have tasted awesome

    @Vinod...u r lucky to have been born there...

  4. Thats awesome..
    MMmmmwwaaaaaaaawwww writeup..
    good one..good one..

    Thank you for saying som many good things about Kerala Roads..
    Iam soo touched!

  5. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! SORCY!! hahaha yesss.Kerala roads were totally "Mmmmmmmmm Waaaaaaaaaaaawww"

  6. that i completely agree on.. kerala roads are the best!! from the border to waynad.. the highway has only 2 speed breakers... ONLY 2! and this side of th border.. !@#$%^&*()


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