Friday, October 30, 2009

Mesa got tagged!!

Woohoooooooooooo!!!!! Mesa got tagged, mesa got an award!!! ahun ahun ahun (Saif Ali Khan in Love Aaj Kal ishtyle)...

Oh wow! I just cannot believe this! Wow! (I don't care if I'm saying WoW too much)  hmmm, I would like to thank my alter ego who first thought that I could write a blog. W, for getting off his butt and actually setting up this blog with me! My imaginary doggie for being the best dog a girl could ever have and finally, the city of Mysore for boring me enough to blog about it! (Miss.India ishtyle) 

Wooooooooohoooooooooooo thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Sorcy for giving me this award, u da man!!!(D ishtyle)

Okie so this thingy is attached with some rules(ones which i can't ignore! humph) If you've been tagged then write up a post bragging about the award and thanking the dude who awarded it to you(while linking them in the post!). Then you have to tag seven other people and hand over this awesome award to them..But i do not know 7 peeps who write blogs so i will,(as advised by the Sorcman) tag7 random bloggers (lucky them!)

WoW! The Honest Blog Award! I am so honoured, Sorcy.. Me being in the profession I am, this will most probably be the last time I ever receive anything with the word 'honest; in it... So you can imagine how precious this award is!!! and its mine all miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine muahahahahahahahah (No W, it's NOT a shared award!! stay away! stay awayyyy, i say.)
Sorcy, your blog rawks(I recently figured out how to follow it... solheee, blonde moments u see). It's amazing how hilarious how your everyday life can be!

The 5 (I never conform to rules) lucky people who me is handing over the award to:

1. Sau

2. Tommy

3. Muqit

4. Susiee

5. Sanjog

10 truths about myself, hmmmmmm :

1. I make it a point to annoy at least one person a day. (Usually,W)

2. I lurrrrve Tom and Jerry.

3. I give awesome head massages (my friends fall into deep, blissful sleep after just 15 minutes of my headmassage)

4. I HATE Cadbury Fruit n Nut.. Chocolate should be enjoyed without weird nuts ending up lodged in between your molars.

5. I fall down at least once a week.

6. I think hindi tv serials are hilarious. I watch them when I need a hearty laugh.

7. I have, on many occasions, fallen asleep on the toilet.

8. My first swear word was at age 2. (Is it swearing if u don't know what the word means?)

9. The biggest celebrity I've met is K.J. Yesudas (next stop, Kunal/Shahid Kapoor or maybe Johnny Depp)

10. The only thing that keep me awake on an all-night study session is half a litre of Coke (or ThumsUp but not poopsie)

11. This is the first time I have ever been able to write so much about myself... cool na?


Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad food - Bad Case of P.P. (Diwali Special) Part I

It was one hell of a weekend - fire crackers going all over the place, sparkling lights flickering the sky and best of all, people having an awesome time. Yup!!! i was having a great time with the greatest of friends.

All this fun lead to one drawback - a weekend full of fast foods in artery clogging amounts. When i say artery clogging a really meant it. Oily curries, saucy pizzas, greasy grilled chickens and to flush it down, a few bottles of mans' creation to thirst, Coke and LOTS OF IT.I knew this was not such a good idea, already having had Bad food- Bad P.P experience few months back (will come to that in a while). But what can you do....when you're an addict nothing in the world could stop you from sinking your teeth into that juicy mouth watering piece of chicken breasts(need a bra for that).

I hadn't had much sleep with all the movie marathons going on through most of the night forcing me to have many "Maggi(Noodles for those who don't know) Moments" along with my friends. My tummy was practically a churning whirlpool of god knows what. By the time we woke up for breakfast it was 3:00 in the evening and D had the great (not really - darn you D) idea of having biriyani. Though i was not even close to being hungry i just had to have the biriyani and much of what was left of others'. Finally everyone just came down crashing and left for their homes to hibernate and me being a moderate insomniac thought of doing some research in war strategies and techniques (playing Counter Strike :P). Few hours went by and finally sleep drooped my eyes shut - YES...finally a good nights sleep OR IS IT?

Then IT happened...I started hearing growls, rumbles and grumbles. I started to panic - sweating bullets. My whole body was flushed leaving a sort of body mark on my bed drenched in sweat. Yes, i knew P.P was coming - I just had to face the facts and get ready for what was inevitable. One might wonder what this P.P
is...well by now you would have obviously realised that it is not something i ever wanted to happen to me. But It DID...

Yes.. i Started Pooping and Puking (hence P.P). If any of these attacks happened singularly i could have coped with it, But had to come together, sometimes one after the other and sometimes while trying to clean up from the previous attack. It had me baffled most of the time making me wonder whether to run and get shelter in the toilet or to just find a bucket and dip my head in it. Other times i didnt know which was coming. It had me just where it wanted.


Oye! Chole

Its a lazy saturday morning and i've got rats runing around in my stomach.(i'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.) I should go make something. My mum was here recently and she stocked up the kitchen with all the ingredients i need to make any kind of breakfast,lunch or dinner! But I, (being the lazy bug that I'm) am going to just re-heat the chole and have a mother bowl of that for breakfast.(mother here, means BIIIG) Mum made the chole day before yesterday and according to W, it is now dead and shouldn't be eaten. But I beg to differ. I got ways to make it as good as new...
Dee's tips to bing life to dead chole:

 1. Chole+Bread=Great Sandwich.. Ok, so heat the chole, bring it to a crazy boil(the bubbles should be popping like crazy). Toast a few slices of bread(number depends on how hungry you are and how much left-over chole you have) Butter one side of the slices, spread chole on one buttered slice, slap on the other slice and *tadaaaaa* Chole sandwich!!!

 2. Omlette+Chole=Omlette Chole.... This one sounds weird but I like it... Again bring the chole to a crazy boil. Then, make an omlette..when its half cooked spoon some chole on half of the omlette and fold the other half over it,let it cook and voila...Omlette Chole!!

 3. Monaco+Chole=Great snack....This one works if you have only a little leftover. Take a few monaco biscuits, spoon chole over it(it should NOT be too runny else, your biscuit will get soggy and become eww) add whatever topings you want(fancy ones like parsley taste yum!)

Ayyoo, now me even more hungryy. My chole awaits..


Friday, October 16, 2009


Yes, we saw it all, we ate so much that we are best buddies with the cook (we can now practically reverse-engineer all the recipes of what we ate) and one fine day, *phaataaaaakkk* we got the bright idea to enlighten people with our vast knowledge of restaurants in Mysooru! oh, oh oh and also Mangalore, Bangalore(I refuse to say Bengaluru) and Maldives.(and maybe other cities and countries too. sooo many possibilities)

D - A slightly unbalanced(literally, for she can't seem to walk on a flat, stable surface without finding something to trip over! sometimes, her own two feet!!) chick who until 3 years ago thought of meal-times as a punishment! Then she came to the Heritage city-Mysore and met W...

W - A hard core foodie, probably the only person who could turn D into a food-lover, not to mention every other person in their class. Passion for food, love for life and a never-ending thirst for the next-best-thing-to-do(his ideas HAVE to win!)

The two argue about almost everything right from who is a bigger motormouth to who can be the bigger jerk of the two.
The two have almost nothing in common. In constitutional terms, totally opposite sex,race,religion and place of birth making them the perfect duo to simplify your decisions on where to eat? what to eat? when to eat? why to eat right? and finally, how to hold it in (in case of projectiles!)