Monday, October 19, 2009

Oye! Chole

Its a lazy saturday morning and i've got rats runing around in my stomach.(i'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.) I should go make something. My mum was here recently and she stocked up the kitchen with all the ingredients i need to make any kind of breakfast,lunch or dinner! But I, (being the lazy bug that I'm) am going to just re-heat the chole and have a mother bowl of that for breakfast.(mother here, means BIIIG) Mum made the chole day before yesterday and according to W, it is now dead and shouldn't be eaten. But I beg to differ. I got ways to make it as good as new...
Dee's tips to bing life to dead chole:

 1. Chole+Bread=Great Sandwich.. Ok, so heat the chole, bring it to a crazy boil(the bubbles should be popping like crazy). Toast a few slices of bread(number depends on how hungry you are and how much left-over chole you have) Butter one side of the slices, spread chole on one buttered slice, slap on the other slice and *tadaaaaa* Chole sandwich!!!

 2. Omlette+Chole=Omlette Chole.... This one sounds weird but I like it... Again bring the chole to a crazy boil. Then, make an omlette..when its half cooked spoon some chole on half of the omlette and fold the other half over it,let it cook and voila...Omlette Chole!!

 3. Monaco+Chole=Great snack....This one works if you have only a little leftover. Take a few monaco biscuits, spoon chole over it(it should NOT be too runny else, your biscuit will get soggy and become eww) add whatever topings you want(fancy ones like parsley taste yum!)

Ayyoo, now me even more hungryy. My chole awaits..


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