Friday, October 16, 2009


Yes, we saw it all, we ate so much that we are best buddies with the cook (we can now practically reverse-engineer all the recipes of what we ate) and one fine day, *phaataaaaakkk* we got the bright idea to enlighten people with our vast knowledge of restaurants in Mysooru! oh, oh oh and also Mangalore, Bangalore(I refuse to say Bengaluru) and Maldives.(and maybe other cities and countries too. sooo many possibilities)

D - A slightly unbalanced(literally, for she can't seem to walk on a flat, stable surface without finding something to trip over! sometimes, her own two feet!!) chick who until 3 years ago thought of meal-times as a punishment! Then she came to the Heritage city-Mysore and met W...

W - A hard core foodie, probably the only person who could turn D into a food-lover, not to mention every other person in their class. Passion for food, love for life and a never-ending thirst for the next-best-thing-to-do(his ideas HAVE to win!)

The two argue about almost everything right from who is a bigger motormouth to who can be the bigger jerk of the two.
The two have almost nothing in common. In constitutional terms, totally opposite sex,race,religion and place of birth making them the perfect duo to simplify your decisions on where to eat? what to eat? when to eat? why to eat right? and finally, how to hold it in (in case of projectiles!)


    hey! i told ya you could blog..good writeup
    and yeah.I like the projectile part
    your blog is no more a virgin on comments..

  2. Hey thanks sorci...U broke our Chastity Belt



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