Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad food - Bad Case of P.P. (Diwali Special) Part I

It was one hell of a weekend - fire crackers going all over the place, sparkling lights flickering the sky and best of all, people having an awesome time. Yup!!! i was having a great time with the greatest of friends.

All this fun lead to one drawback - a weekend full of fast foods in artery clogging amounts. When i say artery clogging a really meant it. Oily curries, saucy pizzas, greasy grilled chickens and to flush it down, a few bottles of mans' creation to thirst, Coke and LOTS OF IT.I knew this was not such a good idea, already having had Bad food- Bad P.P experience few months back (will come to that in a while). But what can you do....when you're an addict nothing in the world could stop you from sinking your teeth into that juicy mouth watering piece of chicken breasts(need a bra for that).

I hadn't had much sleep with all the movie marathons going on through most of the night forcing me to have many "Maggi(Noodles for those who don't know) Moments" along with my friends. My tummy was practically a churning whirlpool of god knows what. By the time we woke up for breakfast it was 3:00 in the evening and D had the great (not really - darn you D) idea of having biriyani. Though i was not even close to being hungry i just had to have the biriyani and much of what was left of others'. Finally everyone just came down crashing and left for their homes to hibernate and me being a moderate insomniac thought of doing some research in war strategies and techniques (playing Counter Strike :P). Few hours went by and finally sleep drooped my eyes shut - YES...finally a good nights sleep OR IS IT?

Then IT happened...I started hearing growls, rumbles and grumbles. I started to panic - sweating bullets. My whole body was flushed leaving a sort of body mark on my bed drenched in sweat. Yes, i knew P.P was coming - I just had to face the facts and get ready for what was inevitable. One might wonder what this P.P
is...well by now you would have obviously realised that it is not something i ever wanted to happen to me. But It DID...

Yes.. i Started Pooping and Puking (hence P.P). If any of these attacks happened singularly i could have coped with it, But had to come together, sometimes one after the other and sometimes while trying to clean up from the previous attack. It had me baffled most of the time making me wonder whether to run and get shelter in the toilet or to just find a bucket and dip my head in it. Other times i didnt know which was coming. It had me just where it wanted.


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    wow!! you got such a talent to puke things on blog :)

    chicken breasts(need a bra for that)...dat was nice

    ya know I invented ze definition for Bra.

    Check out my blog and the dictionary in it


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