Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wayand Trip... D's Log- Day 2

6:00 am- Woke up, freaked out at the strange surroundings. Remembered where I was, calmed down.

6:30 am- Laughed at the boys fighting over who gets to use the bathroom first.

6:45- Got ready and went looking for breakfast-was told it would be ready at 7:30.

7:20- Went to the hotel's dining room hoping that seeing me there would make them hurry with breakfast-it didn't.

7:45- Done with breakfast. Had first cup of coffee.

7:50- Saw that the tall fellow had somehow managed to get a stronger brew than me-had a second, stronger cup of coffee.

8:00- Was told to board the bus. Got another coffee to go. Ravi uncle refused to let me on with it in hand. Finished it, got laughed at by my vanmates, got on, set off to "View Point"
Lost track of time. My phone was still in intensive care. It was nestled in between the window-pane and van curtain. I was told it needed a lot of sun,u see.

Reached View Point.... went "mmmmm waaaaaaaww" (it truly was beautiful)..
Decide to take some dangerous pictures.A bunch of us lied down in the middle of the highway(always wanted to do that)- scattered when a tuck approached-managed to get the picture taken tho! :p

Got back onto Van, set off towards Pookut Lake.
Reached Pookut Lake. A loooooooooooooong line of school children were waiting to use he boating facilities. Said "Mmmmmmmmmmm Waaaaaaaaw" from where we were and got right back onto the bus-was later told tht it is a really wonderful place.

Set off to Kuruva Islands.. took forever to get there... 
Went through dirt tracks which got Ravi uncle grumbling about his baby-we ignored him(at least I did)

Fainially got to Kuruva Islands. Was told I had to walk again..this time wade through the river... Didn't like it but didn't want to be the only one staying behind...Set off... Thought it was worth it until I realised I had to walk back. Walked barefoot the whole way back(turned out my feet had swollen with all the travelling and couldn't get my shoes on)

Had an overpriced lunch near the islands and set off towards home. Too tired to care about the lack of entertainment in the van. Stopped for coffee. Walked around barefoot again :p
Energised by the coffee, we monkeyed around in the van on the last stretch of our journey-amazingly Ravi didn't say a word!!!! Encouraged by his sudden change in temperament, asked him to drop me home before taking the others to the department, he actually dropped me off at my doorstep!!
Dragged myself up the stairs, realised there was no Power-cursed the electricity dept and the government and my neighbour's dog(who was barking mad :p)
Called up the parents told them all..they were very sympathetic about my poor phone. Power came back-showered, viewed the trip pics over and over again, made myself a biiiiiiiig bowl of Top-Ramen Noodles, crashed!

Dreamt about the Ooty trip that the LLM seniors had planned for April-end :p

Bboooyyyaaaa! : )


  1. din't they show any movies in the van???????/

  2. movies?? hahahaa Ravi Uncle wouldn't have let us play any of the movies on my external I'm sure.... But to be fair, after G's mp3 turned out to be an epic fail, Ravi Uncle played some of his Himmesh CDs for our entertainment!!!

  3. nihal would've given you a great company if you had stayed back at the kuruva island :)

  4. hahah Rubbish..... I would have ended up murdering him and burying his body in the fields :p

  5. Damn.. you should've stayed back! Really.


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